In 1997, I decided to put a label on what I was doing athletically for myself.
I had found if I took the workouts I did as an All-American swimmer, and did them for all three disciplines in triathlon, I achieved pretty close to optimal performance. Those three workouts were: Endurance/ Technique/Speed. Three squared (or TRISQUARED) equals Nine, and that was where we started.

Fine Tuning

But I wasn’t achieving the results I felt I was capable of. So, I found I needed to fine tune, and look at other aspects of my elite swimming career. I realized that I was lucky enough during my formative years to have world class coaching, and our team was cutting edge, at the time.

I Needed More

I took those seemingly extraneous pieces of my swimming life and began to apply them to my multisport life. I soon came to realize that just swimming, cycling, and running did not produce the end product I wanted to achieve.

These nine cornerstones of elite athletics set the tone not only for myself, but all of my athletes. (and I assure you not just the elites benefit from utilizing these building blocks)

Trisquared Endurance, man sprinting down the beach
Trisquared Transition, males passing water bottle between themselves for hydration
Trisquared Technique with woman running at sunset
Trisquared Endurance group of men running to get better
Trisquared MOCSS
Trisquared Coach
Trisquared Rest
Trisquared Mental Strategies
Trisquared Nutrition granola and banana meal on picnic like setting table