Nothing can be done well until the basic techniques are mastered. Yet, I am constantly amazed at how many swimmers, copy lists, runners, triathletes, mountain bikers, pilots, drivers, motorcyclists, etc. In every walk of life, in every skill, there are essential technical skills. When mastered, those skills make the task easier, more efficient, and ultimately more properly completed. 

Hard Work Prevails

Being that multisport, and the components that make it up are, populated in bulk, by weekend warriors, the Array of technical skills is wide ranging to say the least. And with 3 sports to master, the technical skills sometimes don’t even make it to the window to go out.

The common theme seems to be John or Jane “doesn’t” sign up  for a marathon/century/open water swim/or triathlon, and quickly realize that some training to complete the event is necessary. They beat the water, pound the pavement, or burn the rubber. Or all three, and invariably come to an abrupt halt because it isn’t “as easy as riding a bike.”

Training Makes Perfect

I have been racing what seems like all of my life in one sport or another, and 56 years into the game I am still trying to extract every bit of efficiency out of self propelling myself toward a finish line. I know the most efficient ways to create locomotion. That is where we start. We do not want our athletes to attempt to complete an event without first learning the proper functionality of their bodies.

The proper path, is the path teaching the correct technique first and foremost.