Speed kills.

We have heard that about driving too fast all our lives. And the same is true in the Multisport endurance world. Too much speed, can wreck a body, very quickly.

Training is Necessary

Or lack of training can kill you when you “race” at a higher level with your buddy to the finish line, and you exceed a pace that you have become acclimated to, and pop goes the hamstring. But without speed work, we would never get anywhere near to the best of our ability. 

To attain our utmost success, we need to ensure we have done everything available in our realm. 

Testing our Boundaries

Speed work is a wonderful tool. It pushes our systems to their breaking point, ( and we need to be careful to utilize small prescribed doses so we do not break). It helps us to become as efficient as we can possibly be. It helps us to learn to race faster. It tests not only our bodies but all of our equipment to the breaking point.

Understanding our Boundaries

And who doesn’t like to feel the wind in your hair, on a uber fast time trial, or getting up to max speed for a 25 free, or hitting new PR ‘s on a set of 400’s on the track. 

All of that training helps hone the technique and endurance into the finished product, that you take to the race. 

Speed at race pace is essential to the highest race results. Most athletes accept what there bodies are capable on race day. Elite athletes train at race pace, over and over, and over again, to dial in exactly what they want their bodies to do on race day.