Think of all the words that have the prefix of “re”

Rest, Recovery, Reboot, Refresh, Replenish, Rejuvenate, Rebuild, Retool, Reattach

There is a common theme. After something hard or heavy duty, there must be a period to reacquaint yourself with less stress. Muscles build and get stronger, not by becoming torn down, but during the periods in between sessions. 

Don’t Neglect Rest

A large amount of multisport athletes are under the impression, that more is better, and even more is even better. With that mindset, you see a great deal of athletes on the sidelines, burned out and broken. Rest is the absolute most underutilized word with the multisport community, and perhaps the most important component of performing at ones peak. 

We look at rest on a yearly scale, by incorporating active recovery blocks of training, after the race season has been completed. 

The Scale

Next down the scale, we look at training blocks, to add in recovery. Some thrive on a schedule, of 3 weeks on focus, with one week stepping back, and recovering. Others work well, with an easier week, every third week.


Some beginners, and maybe older athletes work well with a one week on, one week off schedule to incorporate rest and recovery. Then within each week, we strive to create rest and recovery from the more intense workouts.  Then daily, we try and hit the key workouts fresh.

You will notice active recovery as a large part of our program. So we do not schedule many “off days”. Instead we look to promote refreshing replenishing and rejuvenating blood flow, by lowering the intensity, on a few days each week.