Essential to not just athletic performance, but also essential to human movement, function-ability, and longevity. If every person in America were do to this routine or variations of this routine daily, our society would become a much more healthy demographic.


Mobility iss what we all used to call flexibility. It is self manipulating your body, to eliminate knots, and areas of tightness, that lead to injury issues. As we swim/ bike/run/ eat/ sleep/ work basically anything we do leads to lack of functional mobility, and leads to sore backs, shoulders, knees, hips, ankles, and so on. In a perfect world each and everyday we would get a deep tissue massage, and a wonderful, PT session, to eliminate areas where we accumulate tightness. Most of us don’t have the independent wealth to spend on such a fantasy, much less the time away from that thing called a job. The good news is we can help ourselves without having a masseuse daily or a physical therapy session every other day. 


We all see this in the grocery store, checkout line. “A quick easy way to 6 pack abs”. Well, I have news that isn’t from the checkout line tabloids. Core is everything, that isn’t dangling from the trunk of your body. And that trunk of our body, is where we generate, propulsion. Without a strong core, we are a wet noodle, snaking down a pool, or wobbling on our bike, or stumbling and bumbling on our runs.


We all know what strength is. It is what Arnold Schwarzenegger worked on and created, right?  Not quite. What Arnold, did was create bulk and muscle mass. It really wasn’t functional. What we desire is to create functional strength, that helps us to better propel, our bodies, not only in a race situation, but in everyday life. After all, life sometimes is about carrying your groceries up the stairs. Or lifting your lab, into a bath tub. Or carrying both your wife, and two kids skis, not to mention your own up to the lift. But from a performance standpoint, without strength work you are levying money on the table, and not getting everything you possibly can out of that wonderful amazing body of yours.


We all know what stability is. But let’s examine why we need it. Swimming. Keeping our body stable, in a streamlined fashion equates to less drag, and hence more efficiency and speed. Cycling. A bike is an unstable machine. Your body makes it stable, if you don’t have that ability, then you are a little bruised and battered. In running correctly, we balance on one foot for micro fractions of a second at a time. No stability, and boom face plant. But also, good solid stability, is the first step into recruiting, and developing your utmost ability to gain speed, in any movement.