The Title of a Coach

Leadership, teaching, monitoring, safety, development, mentoring, consoling, strategy, knowledge, equipment choices, nutritional products, and a supportive partnership. The one thing that most triathletes, cyclists, and runners look to gain from a coach is “training.” That is what we focus on as it is the complete job description of a coach.

The Importance

Personally, at different periods, I have had some of the worlds leading experts within their fields, as coaches, and teachers. They make a difference. A great trainer, is not just a game changer, but a life changer.

The Baton Pass

We teach our athletes, not only how to play to succeed, we teach our athletes how to become coaches.  One of my greatest joys is how many of my athletes have gone on to become coaches.  As well as close friends.

The whole package is the difference maker, of Island Tri Club. We don’t just train our athletes we nurture our athletes, and make certain, they are prepared, in every way shape and manner, to succeed, not only within their goal races. But as well as in creating a positive lifestyle, supported by multisport athletics and mindset.