Over The Years

we have turned on many souls to the allure and lifestyle we call multisport.

Personal Training

I have spent a large part of my life seeking knowledge to gain an edge for myself, and my clients, in the pursuit of greater performance. For each and every individual I coach, it is an intimate individual performance package that they seek to attain. For some, it means a spot on the Olympic team. For others, perhaps even a national age group championship, or a slot to a world championship event. For some others, it might be to attain a PR, or to nab a podium spot at a local race. For others just finishing, and doing the absolute best they are capable of, is a gigantic win.

Island Tri Club Lifestyle

It is at some levels an all encompassing passion, and it needs to be at elite/ professional levels. For most it becomes a happy, healthy, and complete lifestyle game changer. Focusing on how the mind and body interact to create optimal human propulsion is fascinating.

For us as coaches, our satisfaction and joy comes from the knowledge that we did everything possible to help an athlete attain their goals

In that focus, we find a connection between athlete and coach that supersedes a training plan, or showing how to accomplish a skill. Out of endurance sports comes a reflection on life, that permeates ones soul in a unique and game changing fashion. We teach athletics but what we do is empower our athletes beyond the playing field, to tackle a lot of life’s “races”.

The lessons learned in an endurance based multisport lifestyle translate into school, business, and home life. Learning to balance three different disciplines, or one discipline, along with the peripheral segments that go with that sport helps one to balance what is thrown our way in everyday life.

We have learned how to balance literally and physically. And to pass it along well.

We feel a natural need and desire to share our wealth of knowledge, and techniques.

We want to shout it out to all within listening range.

That is our passion. Come on in and join the fun, adventure of Laid back performance.